When Wells Fargo learned about our solar partnership with CHARGE in 2023, they approached us with a unique opportunity. They offered to designate Capital Link as the beneficiary of a new credit card designed to drive climate action and support environmental health for community health centers and the communities they serve. Today, that opportunity becomes a reality.

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Announcing the AttuneSM Card

We are excited to announce the launch of the AttuneSM Card by Wells Fargo, a card that empowers users to support Capital Link's solar energy initiatives. For every cardholder who spends $500 within the first three months, Wells Fargo will donate $50 to Capital Link. This generous contribution will help us provide solar power to up to 11,500 sites, benefiting 21 million people within the health center community.



Our Commitment to Solar for Health Centers

Power is essential for health, but community health centers in low-income areas suffer from frequent outages due to climate change and aging infrastructure. Investing in solar energy and storage solutions ensures that these centers can continue to provide uninterrupted care, safeguarding the health of millions. Learn more about Capital Link's mission to power a light in the dark. 




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