This new Learning Collaborative is designed to assist health centers planning a capital project during the next one to three years and focusing on the later phases of project plans. Through a series of four virtual sessions beginning March 26, 2024, participants will go beyond the initial planning phase of capital development to evaluate organizational and financial readiness, explore the complexities of the numerous financing approaches and options, and gain insight on implementing project plans. 

Learning sessions will be facilitated by Capital Link Senior Project Consultant, Dave Kleiber, and will be enhanced with valuable tools and resources, including customized Performance Evaluation Profiles providing multiyear performance trends benchmarked against peers, a Debt Capacity Analysis to estimate the amount of debt a health center can afford to take on given its historical or projected financial position, as well as opportunities for one-on-one guidance to help participating health centers understand specific aspects of their project planning and financing.

There is no fee for participants as this Learning Collaborative is funded by HRSA through its cooperative agreement with Capital Link. We recommend each organization enroll at least two team members. All organizations interested in participating must:


Application deadline extended! Submit by Monday, March 25, 2024.

Session Schedule

Session One: Organizational and Financial Readiness, March 26th 4-5:00 pm EST

Session Two: Advancing a Project Concept and Determining Project Feasibility, April 2nd 4-5:00 pm EST

Session Three: Funding: Evaluating Your Financing Options and Fundraising Plans, April 9th 4-5:00 pm EST

Session Four: Implementation: Managing a Project and Transition Planning, April 16th 4-5:00 pm EST



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