When embarking upon a facilities project that requires outside financing, lenders and financial institutions request a business and/or finance plan detailing the nature of the capital project, the market opportunity, the level of financing required, the risks inherent to the venture, and other salient aspects of the plan. Capital Link has worked with hundreds of health centers over the years to prepare the necessary documentation to request financing.

A business plan for a capital project is a document that succinctly introduces a health center and its leaders to intended financing sources. It clearly demonstrates the need for the capital investment, and describes the project, its rationale and its financial implications for the health center. Financial projections (five to seven years) are a critical component of a business plan, demonstrating the overall financial feasibility of the project.

The finance plan identifies and quantifies the sources of funds for a capital project and, as such, it represents the funding game plan. It details the best combination of options to pursue for the financing strategy, generally using an RFP process to achieve the optimal loan terms and conditions. As part of a finance plan, Capital Link also identifies credit enhancement application possibilities and offers application assistance, including loan guarantees. Multiple lending institutions to approach are selected.

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