Make your case for the value of health centers with Capital Link’s Value & Impact report. A powerful advocacy and fundraising tool, the Value & Impact report clearly illustrates the compelling story of how health centers spur economic growth, contribute to statewide and national health care savings, and provide access to care for vulnerable populations.

What is in the report?

Value & Impact infographic reports visually tell the story of your member health centers along the following domains:

1. Employment and economic impacts, using economic modeling software

2. Savings to Medicaid and the health care system

3. Access to quality care

The "statewide" PCA/HCCN version of the report is an aggregate impact summary of all member health centers. We also offer an individual health center infographic that you can order for each of your members at a volume discount. 

How have other PCAs used the report?

PCAs in 33 states across the country have demonstrated their members' impact with our Value & Impact infographics. Below are two recent examples.

  • The Louisiana Primacy Care Association (LPCA) issued a press release highlighting that health centers in the state generated $772 million in economic impact, while saving the healthcare system nearly $1 billion. Read the full press release here. LPCA also included the Value & Impact report findings in their annual report. See here on p. 24-25.

  • Members of Health Center Partners of Southern California (HCPSC) shared Value & Impact reports with state and federal legislators to demonstrate the impact they have on the communities they serve. Aggregate results showed a total economic impact of $1.71 billion, 11,412 jobs, and 806,158 patients served. Read more in HCPSC’s recently released Impact Report for 2018-2019, here on p. 9.

State Value and Impact Infographic 2020 SAMPLE 1

Why Capital Link?

  • Our in-house database contains over 80% of health centers’ audits and 100% of UDS data from the past decade – minimizing your need to gather the necessary data from your members.

  • We perform all data analysis – saving you the time.

  • We hold a national subscription for the IMPLAN multipliers necessary for calculating economic impact – saving you the cost of purchasing software (a potential cost savings of thousands of dollars annually).

  • The final result is a clean, easy-to-read infographic report customized specifically for your health center – citing the most vetted industry research and lending credibility to the measures.

How can I learn more?

If you have any questions, or if you would like information on pricing and ordering, please contact Jen Saber, Senior Director of Data & Information Systems at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 617-422-0350.

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