Capital Link’s new Patient Profile and Health Equity Analysis is a customized report examining select health center patient population characteristics and clinical outcome performance measures by race and ethnicity. As documented in multiple studies, minority and low-income populations have less access to health care and poorer health outcomes. This report is designed to assist health centers and PCAs in identifying their own successes and challenges, including any health inequities that may need to be addressed in order to promote true health equity among the most vulnerable patient populations.

Using HRSA UDS data, the report provides performance trends for the most recent four-year period that data is available for (i.e., 2019 through 2022), benchmarking the results against state and national medians for the following patient characteristic and outcome metrics:

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PEP 2020 Health Disparities Sample Pages












  • Select Patient Characteristics
    • Patients with Income at or below 200% of Poverty
    • Patients Best Served in a Language Other than English
    • Percentage of Asian, Black/African American, White, Other Patients of Color, and Hispanic or Latino/a Patients
    • Percentage of Agricultural Workers or Dependents, Homeless, School-Based Health Center, and Veterans Patients
    • Percentage of Patients Served at a Health Center Located in or Immediately Accessible to a Public Housing Site

  • Health Outcomes & Disparities
    • Percentage of Low and Very Low Birth Weight Babies Delivered During the Year by Race/Ethnicity
    • Percentage of Patients with Controlled High Blood Pressure by Race/Ethnicity
    • Percentage of Patients with Diabetes and Hemoglobin A1c Poor Control by Race/Ethnicity

The Patient Profile and Health Equity Analysis is available as an individual health center report, or as a statewide or regional data analysis for PCAs. 

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