With FY25 on the horizon, now is the time to leverage comprehensive data analysis tools that will guide your decision-making and highlight your center's impact. Capital Link's  Performance Evaluation Profile (PEP) and the Value & Impact Analysis (VIA) reports are crafted to help you understand the full scope of your health center's performance and communicate its value to the community. Utilizing the latest data from our in-house database and UDS, these reports offer unique insights into your operations and contributions.

PEP 2019 2022 Cover

Performance Evaluation Profile (PEP)

Incorporating the latest HRSA UDS data, the PEP provides a nuanced assessment of financial health, productivity, utilization, and staffing metrics. By analyzing performance trends over a four-year period and benchmarking against state, national, and peer medians across 113 financial and operational metrics, the PEP provides a granular view of your health center's financial performance and operational effectiveness. 


2023 VIA Individual Cover


Value & Impact Analysis (VIA)

​​​​In today's healthcare landscape, demonstrating the economic and social value of your health center presents a compelling case to legislators, stakeholders, and the community. From economic contributions, including jobs, spending, and tax revenues, to savings to Medicaid and responses to the pandemic, the VIA report illustrates your center's essential role in supporting vulnerable populations and contributing to the health system's sustainability. LEARN MORE >

To begin the process of enhancing your FY25 plan explore how the PEP and VIA reports can benefit your health center, please contact Jennifer Saber, Senior Director of Health Analytics, Programs, and Systems, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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