Capital Link is proud to have worked with countless California health centers, as well as partnered with organizations like Cedars-Sinai, the California Health Care Foundation (CHCF), and the Blue Shield of California Foundation, to develop resources specific to the needs and challenges of California FQHCs, PCAs and HCCNs. With support from Cedars-Sinai and HealthLandscape, our most recent reports include two data-driven studies of LA-based health centers to identify factors contributing to health inequities in the state.


CSHE 2023 Update Cover
Updated Analysis: 
A Data Driven Approach
to Understanding Factors
Contributing to
Health Inequities

CSHE Data Driven Approach
A Data Driven Approach
to Understanding Factors
Contributing to
Health Inequity 

CSHE Shorter Report

Health Center
Financial Strength
and Health Inequities:
A Study of
Los Angeles-Based FQHCs


Pages from RiskyBusinessHCsWeakenedCOVID19

Risky Business:
California Health Centers
Weakened by
COVID-19 Pandemic
Prepare for the Future

FinancialImpactCOVID19CaliforniaFQHCInfographic Page 1

Financial Impact of
COVID-19 on California
Federally Qualified
Health Centers

Pages from HoldingOnHowCAsHealthCentersAdaptedDuringPandemic

Holding On:
How California’s
Health Centers Adapted
Operations and Care
for Patients During
the Pandemic


Pages from PandemicsFinancialImpactCaliforniasCommunityHealthCenters

The Pandemic’s
Financial Impact on
California’s Community
Health Centers:
Largest Centers Suffer
Significant Losses

Report CA Financial and Operational Performance Analysis 2013 2017 Cover

California Federally
Qualified Health Centers:
Financial & Operational
Performance Analysis,

Performance Benchmarking Toolkit Cover

Performance Benchmarking
Toolkit for California
Health Centers



Tracking Social Determinants of Health Interventions 1

Tracking Social
Determinants of Health:
Health Center Reporting
of Non-Health Related
Services in the
Uniform Data System 

Financial Sustainability Rural CHCs Northeastern CA

Analysis of the
Financial Sustainability of
Rural Health Centers
in Northeastern California 



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