Spotlight on Capital Resources CDFIs 3 17 Page 1Spotlight on Capital Resources: Community Development Financial Institutions

Part of our Spotlight on Capital Resources series, this publication provides an overview of Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) and their role in providing capital to traditionally underserved businesses, including health centers. (Released in 2014)





Spotlight on Capital Resources: Tax-Exempt Bonds

This publication describes tax-exempt bonds, including what they are, why health centers should consider using them to finance a capital project, eligibility, types of projects that can be financed, tax-exempt bond structures, and general steps for approval and issuance. This resource was supported by the Health Resources and Services Administration. (Released in 2013)



USDA Cover for Website

Working with the USDA: Opportunities for Rural Federally Qualified Health Centers

This resource describes the array of programs offered by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Health centers considering capital expansions that are located in eligible areas may find these programs extremely beneficial. This resource was supported by the Health Resources and Services Administration. (Released in 2012)



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