Decision Tree Cover Page

 Financing Decision Tree Model for Health Center Capital Projects

The Decision Tree resource is a visual map to aid in deciding which financing options would best suit your capital project requirements, and also provides a summary of each. (Released 2022) 




Creating a Dynamic and Useful Strategic Plan

Strategic Business Planning Handbook for Health Centers

This handbook offers an updated and streamlined format with links to a range of resources from Capital Link and others, from which you can pick and choose to assist you with your planning process. This resource was developed for Cedars-Sinai’s Financial Strengthening Program for Behavioral Health Providers with financial support from Cedars-Sinai. (Released in 2022)



Market Assessment Toolkit for Health Centers

This toolkit establishes the key components of a Market Assessment, providing free publicly available tools as well as internal and external resources to assist your health center in compiling the information necessary for developing a basic report. (Released in 2022)




Trends in Community HC Design Page 1

Trends in Community Health Center Design

 This publication is a sampling of the emerging health center design trends Capital Link has been seeing in the industry organized by three types of user experiences: patient, staff, and staff with patient. (Released in 2022)




Space Planning Design No Border

Designing Your Facility: Preparing Your Team for Space Planning Success

This publication walks health center leadership through the process of defining, preparing, and equipping internal planning teams to work effectively with design and construction teams in defining a flexible, efficient facility that reflects the health center’s unique goals and priorities. Capital Link also discussed space planning in the recent webinar titled "Designing Your Facility: Preparing Your Team for Space Planning Success." (Released in 2022)

Integrated Care Publication 2022 1Optimizing People, Place and Process: Resources to Facilitate Integrated Care in Federally Qualified Health Centers

As the second in a series, this toolkit builds upon the principles and tools presented in Capital Link’s Tools for Creating an Environment that Supports Integration publication. Ensuring your teams are well equipped by optimizing your current resources will not only improve outcomes today, but inform future strategic initiatives as you plan for service and capital expansion tomorrow. (Released 2022)


CHCF InfographicOur Aging Community: Creating a Welcoming and Safe Environment for Their Primary Care

This three-page technical assistance guide, created with support from the National Association of Community Health Centers, provides recommendations for facility enhancements to better serve an aging patient population. Also included is a short description of the Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE).


Pages from Tools for Creating an Environment that Supports Integrated Care

Tools for Creating an Environment that Supports Integrated Care

This toolkit equips health centers with the guiding principles and tools needed to create an environment that facilitates integrated care. This resource, developed with support from HRSA, is meant to stimulate project team’s thinking and problem-solving skills related to place planning and build cohesion as they embark on improvement projects. (Released in 2021)


Business Plan Cover 2004

Creating a Business Plan for a Community Health Center Capital Project

This how-to manual is designed to provide health centers with a hands-on approach to writing a business plan for a facilities improvement project. (Updated 2020)




PreparingforaCapitalProjectManual Cover

Preparing for a Capital Project: Are You Ready?

This updated publication provides guidance on evaluating health center readiness to begin the capital development process, with the goal of being prepared for funding opportunity when they arise. (Updated 2019)


Creating a Dynamic and Useful Strategic PlanCreating a Dynamic and Useful Strategic Plan: Toolkit for Health Centers

This toolkit, developed with NACHC, is divided into the five sections representing each key strategic planning component. Each section contains the tools, information, and resources necessary to guide health centers through the strategic planning process in a series of linear steps. (Updated 2018)



Steps to Success Cover

Steps to Success: A Toolkit for Health Centers Navigating a Capital Development Venture

This resource provides a broad overview of the capital development process.
Health centers needing to build new facilities, renovate existing space, or purchase
new equipment, are taking on a complex endeavor that should be carefully planned and organized. This resource was developed with support from the Health Resources and Services Administration.  (Released in 2017)


Understanding Hospital Community Benefit Obligations Cover

Understanding Hospital Community Benefit Obligations: A Guide for Health Centers

Developed to assist health centers in forming productive collaborations with other providers, this publication describes hospital community benefit requirements and how they can spur community efforts to expand access to care and improve local health outcomes. This resource was supported by the Health Resources and Services Administration. (Released in 2013)


Engaging Staff in Defining your Project

Engaging Staff and Community in Defining Your Capital Project

This publication offers tools and techniques to solicit valuable input from health center staff and community members to inform the design of a capital project. This resource was supported by the Health Resources and Services Administration. (Released in 2013)





Capital Project Work Plan

The goal of this tool is to help health centers identify the necessary steps in the capital development process that specifically address their individual capital projects. This comprehensive document keeps management, the project team, and the board of directors informed about the project. 



checklist 2010t

Checklist: Sustainable Community Health Center Renovations

Developed by a team assembled by Perkins+Will, this document provides a checklist of sustainable building and renovation practices. (Released in 2010)




Risk Management 25 10 Construction Risk 1

Tips for Managing Facility Development Risk

Developed for the National Association of Community Health Center's Risk Management Series, this information bulletin describes the major areas of risk and identifies action steps so health centers can reduce exposure to liabilities related to facilities development. (Released in 2010)







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