Financial Forecasting

ForecasT©, Capital Link’s financial forecasting tool, was designed specifically for health centers to provide an analysis of current and historical financial performance, preparing health centers for the affects of a capital project on the bottom line. ForecasT© generates projections of the health center’s balance sheet, income statement, cash flow, and other pertinent information using detailed revenue and expense assumptions based on estimated patient visits, projected payer mix, assumed staffing levels, and estimated project costs. The data in the ForecasT© is updated as the capital project evolves and can be tailored to potential funders or lenders as needed.

Financing Assistance

Business and Finance Plans

The Finance Plan identifies and quantifies the sources of funds for a capital project and, as such, it represents the funding game plan. It details the best combination of options to pursue for the financing strategy, generally using an RFP process to achieve the optimal loan terms and conditions. As part of a Finance Plan, Capital Link also identifies credit enhancement application possibilities and offers application assistance, including loan guarantees. Multiple lending institutions to approach are selected.

A Business Plan for a capital project is a document that succinctly introduces a health center and its leaders to intended financing sources; it clearly demonstrates the need for the capital investment, and describes the project, its rationale and its financial implications for the health center. Financial projections (5-7 years) are a critical component of a Business Plan, demonstrating the overall financial feasibility of the project.

Term Sheet Comparisons

Term Sheet Comparisons assist health centers in analyzing the rates, fees, and terms of each RFP response so they can make informed decisions about how to finance the capital project. They provided a basis for advising the health center on its most competitive options.

Lender Negotiations and Assistance through Closing

Capital Link can negotiate term sheets and commitment letters on behalf of health centers, and can resolve inter-creditor issues between multiple lenders as necessary. We are available to facilitate communication and follow up with lenders during the closing process.