Financial Trends Reports


Financial Trends Snapshot (FTS)

A Financial Trends Snapshot (FTS) provides an overview of the health center’s financial performance including a Performance Summary and key metrics including: operating and bottom line margins, days cash on hand, current and leverage ratios, operating revenue and expense growth rates, and patient visits. It’s a useful tool for executive boards in evaluating financial condition, establishing a framework for decision making, and completing funding applications.


Financial Trends Analysis (FTA)

A Financial Trends Analysis provides health centers and PCAs with customized financial and operational ratios, trends, and high performance state and national financial benchmarks. Ratios and trends can also be compared to health centers with similar financial, operational, and programmatic profiles. These peer group comparative measures are designed to help increase management capacity, identify strengths and challenges, and inform decision-making.


Peer Group Benchmarking

Peer Group Benchmarking begins by compiling, analyzing, and documenting standardized, industry-specific financial ratios and trends based on the most current available audited financial statements for participating health centers over a four-year period. Additional metrics in areas such as clinic growth, patient characteristics, utilization, staffing, and payer and revenue mix are also provided using Uniform Data Systems data. High-performance financial benchmarks are then established for each peer group, providing health centers with specific indications of their financial and operational health versus other providers.  


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