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A Quarterly Resource Bulletin from Capital Link

Fall 2014 Issue     Download a PDF

Message from the CEO

Allison Coleman, CEO

As health centers seek to thrive in today’s rapidly changing health care world, there is a greater need to focus on enhancing financial and operational performance, particularly as they address increasing patient demand. Taking a methodical approach to assessing current strengths and weaknesses prior to embarking on expansion plans is critical to success. This issue of Capital Ink focuses on tools and resources to help health centers improve performance.

Health centers can learn a great deal from the experience of their troubled peers—and use this information productively. The articleFailure to Thrive: Struggling Health Centers describes a new report on the differences between failed or failing health centers and their more successful counterparts, shedding light on the factors that may contribute to health center failure. High Performance Community Health Centers highlights a new publication focusing on the methodology of managing the transition from data to information to knowledge to action with the goal of achieving a high level of performance. And under Upcoming Events, learn about the performance-improving resources being featured at our upcoming webinars, Overview of Performance-Enhancing Tools for Health Centers Parts I and II.

This issue also features a federal update and a list of upcoming presentations and webinars. We hope the information in this issue helps you achieve your performance goals.