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A Quarterly E-Newsletter, Fall 2013 Issue   Download a PDF

Message from the CEO

Allison Coleman, CEO

Health centers tackle new challenges this fall as the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) market­places open and political squabbling results in the first federal government shutdown in 17 years. The new marketplaces offer health insurance coverage options for our most vulnerable citizens.  Health centers will play a crucial role in helping patients choose the best coverage for their needs and navigate through the logistical problems associated with signing up for that coverage. Despite these difficulties, health centers should celebrate this opportunity to expand access to quality health care.

This issue of Capital Ink focuses on the goal of High-Performance Community Healthcare given the need for health center expansion and the rapidly changing legislative environment.  The article “High-Performance Community Healthcare: How to Measure It and How to Achieve Itexplores methods of managing the transition of data to information to knowledge to action. It describes the difference between calculating outputs and measuring outcomes and explains the “Logic Model” of management, which identifies what’s important and how to transform limited resources into significant improvements. “Help Us Update the National Capital Needs Assessment for Health Centers! invites health centers to participate in our National Capital Needs Assessment, occurring now through November 1st.

This issue also includes a federal update with recommended links to stay up to date, an announcement of a new lenders coalition to advocate for health center capital resources, access to new research studies and publications, and upcoming presentations and webinars. We hope this information helps you achieve your growth objectives.