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A Quarterly E-Newsletter, Spring 2013 Issue

Message from the CEO

Allison Coleman, CEO

All of us at Capital Link are looking forward to catching up with friends and colleagues at the NACHC Policy & Issues Forum in Washington D.C.  This issue of Capital Ink anticipates the upcoming NACHC P&I with articles that align with the conference’s key focus areas and our two presentations.

In the aftermath of the November elections, health centers are coping with challenges on numerous fronts.  One such challenge is how health center growth may be impacted by the latest developments on Capitol Hill. Our P&I workshop “What Does That Mean? What the President, Congress, and the Federal Reserve are Trying to do and how it will Affect your Capital Project  discusses what to expect from current government policy, while The Future is Now: How ACA Implementation will Affect your Patient Volume and Payer Mix explores the possible impacts of the Affordable Care Act.

Another challenge is how to fund expansion plans. Health centers expecting to undertake a capital project in the next few years are encouraged to investigate the new Healthy Futures Fund. This fund supports the development of community health centers in underserved areas.  For more information on this new fund and other available financing options, attend Capital Link’s information session at the P&I. Details are included in the following article.

As always, this issue contains a federal update, a project highlight featuring Katy Trail Community Health in Missouri, and links to resources. We also invite you to join us at this year’s NACHC Policy & Issues Forum from March 20-23.