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Current Issue:

Capital Ink Winter 2019 | Winter 2019 Issue PDF: This issue features an article about our 25th anniversary, information about the HRSA Loan Guarantee Program, the New Markets Tax Credit Program, and our current Learning Collaboratives.

Past Issues:

Capital Ink Fall 2018Fall 2018 Issue PDF: This issue features an article about managing cost of care, describes new resources on cost and workforce and financial characteristics of high-performing health centers, as well as the new Health Center Resource Clearinghouse.

Capital Ink Summer 2018Summer 2018 Issue PDF: This issue congratulates health centers on National Health Center Week and looks forward to the NACHC CHI. We also provide a review of the first year of our Learning Collaboratives, describe our Market Assessment and Disaster Recovery resources, preview upcoming new resources, and announce upcoming events and webinars.

Capital Ink Spring 2018Spring 2018 Issue PDF: This issue highlights a variety of resources, including our recent webinar on optimizing team resources through scheduling and panel size, a grant opportunity for health centers pursuing New Markets Tax Credit financing, a funding opportunity for health centers affected by the recent hurricanes, as well as many other resources from NACHC, etc.

Capital Ink Winter 2018Winter 2018 Issue PDF: Learn about the Capital Link's Advancing Financial Strength program and our recently-launched Learning Collaboratives; find out how the New Markets Tax Credits allocations can help your health center's capital project; new resources available to assist health centers with capital development projects and cost of care resources coming soon.

Fall 2017 Issue | Fall 2017 Issue PDF: This issue reviews new resources available to assist health centers affected by the recent hurricanes and wildfires; how scenario planning can help health centers best prepare for the future; and new resources on national health center financial and operational trends, Performance Evaluation Profiles, and an updated performance benchmarking toolkit.

Summer 2017 Issue
 | Summer 2017 Issue PDF: Discover the importance of conducting a self-assessment before planning for capital growth and upcoming resources on revenue cycle management, the steps for planning a capital project, and financial and operational trends for health centers nationally.

Spring 2017 Issue and Spring 2017 Issue PDF: Learn about an opportunity to finance your health center capital project plans utilizing New Markets Tax Credit financing; get an in-depth understanding of how market assessments identify and evaluate opportunities and trends in your service area; find out how PCAs and health centers are actively communicating the value and impact health centers have in their communities to legislators and other stakeholders with infographics and supporting data.

Winter 2017 Issue | Winter 2017 Issue PDF: Respond to the changing health care landscape with strategies and resources to be resilient during uncertain times; learn the importance of communicating your health centers value and impact on the communities your serve; highlights on the Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFI) Fund’s latest round of New Market Tax Credits allocation awards.  

Fall 2016 Issue | Fall 2016 Issue PDF: Resources on how to sustain a patient-centered medical home; learn how to use predictive analytics to drive performance; find out how to seize the opportunity presented by the five-year extension of the New Markets Tax Credits (NMTC) Program.

Spring 2016 Issue | Spring 2016 Issue PDF: Move beyond tracking the past to anticipate the future, use of predictive analytics can help health centers improve patient care, reduce costs, and negotiate favorable contracts with payers; consider participating in our capital needs assessment; Capital Link congratulates the ten health centers chosen to participate in the Health Futures Fund Readiness Program.

Winter 2016 Issue | Winter 2016 Issue PDF: Apply to participate in a new Healthy Futures Fund Readiness program; highlights from our new report exploring the relationship between financial, clinical and operational excellence at America’s health centers; find an updated infographic illustrating the growing economic impact of health centers nationwide.

Fall 2015 Issue | Fall 2015 Issue PDF: In this issue: review the results of our latest National Capital Needs Assessment; highlights of our outreach during the past fiscal year; check out new performance benchmark resources.

Summer 2015 Issue | Summer 2015 Issue PDF: We celebrated the 50th anniversary of America’s health centers and the 50th anniversaries of Medicare and Medicaid; Capital Link prepares for NACHC’s annual CHI & EXPO with presentation on Building a Future Using NACHC and Capital Link’s New Strategic Planning Toolkit for FQHCs; review our recently released update on New Markets Tax Credit Program publication.

Spring 2015 Issue | Spring 2015 Issue PDF: We reflect on the legacy of health centers and highlight ways to demonstrate value, measure impact and improve performance; review the importance of monitoring health center performance, take a look at a comprehensive study that resulted in a financial and operational profile of California health centers & a catalyst for a national benchmarking toolkit.

Winter 2015 Issue | Winter 2015 Issue PDF: Find resources and information to prepare for grant opportunities for health center construction and capital improvements, find important “do’s and don’ts” regarding grant submissions and invaluable tools and services to guide you through each step of the capital planning process.

Fall 2014 Issue | Fall 2014 Issue PDF: Find tools and resources to help health centers evaluate current strengths and weaknesses in financial and operational performance; read our report on the differences between failed or failing health centers and their more successful counterparts; methodology of managing the transition from data to information to knowledge to action with the goal of achieving high level performance; performance-improving resources for health centers.

Summer 2014 Issue | Summer 2014 Issue PDF: Find the latest National Economic Impact Analysis and how to use this important tool; the results of our biennial National Capital Needs Assessment; details on how the financial and operational trends of Massachusetts health centers may prepare health centers across the country for national health reform.

Spring 2014 Issue | Spring 2014 Issue PDF: Review recent efforts to support health center growth, even with the current federal funding uncertainty; learn how Community Development Financial Institutions are helping health centers obtain affordable capital.

Winter 2014 Issue | Winter 2014 Issue PDF: We celebrate the achievements of health centers and offer information that may help ongoing efforts to expand access to care and impact patients’ overall well-being; find information on programs and funding sources supportive of the integration of behavioral health services into health centers; tools for measuring community and economic impact; an update on the analysis of our National Capital Needs Assessment.

Fall 2013 Issue | Fall 2013 Issue PDF: We focus on the goal of high-performance community healthcare given the need for health center expansion and rapidly changing legislative environment; insight into the difference between calculating outputs and measuring outcomes; a review of the “logic model” of management and how to identify what’s important and how to transform limited resources into significant improvements; a request to help us update the National Capital Needs Assessment for health centers.

Summer 2013 Issue | Summer 2013 Issue PDF: Find recent research projects that have the goal of providing health centers with key indicators of financial and operational performance that influence future and current sustainability; review our study on California clinic financial trends and highlights of strengths and weaknesses; community health center financial perspectives offers a guide for lenders and health centers on the national financial and operations trends.

Spring 2013 Capital Ink: Learn how health center growth may be impacted by the latest developments on Capitol Hill, what to expect from current government policy and explore the possible impacts of the Affordable Care Act; information on the new Healthy Futures Fund, which supports the development of community health centers in underserved areas.

Winter 2013 Capital Ink: Find alternatives to help you make progress on the capital planning front—highlighting actions you can take now to position yourself for the future.


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