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A Quarterly Resource Bulletin from Capital Link

Spring 2016 Issue     Download a PDF

Message from the CEO

Allison Coleman, CEO

With today's advances in data and technology, many industries are now able to move beyond simply tracking the past to anticipating the future and even predicting behavior. In this issue, the article How Health Centers Can Use Predictive Analytics, discusses how more and more health centers are using this concept to improve patient care, reduce costs, and negotiate favorable contracts with payers.

Also in this issue, we are making another plea for participation in our annual national capital needs assessment. Even if you don’t have any plans for capital projects in the near future—or if your plans are still preliminary—we urge you to complete this very short survey. We know you are busy, so we’ve reduced the survey to just five questions. Your participation is greatly appreciated!

We also congratulate the ten health centers chosen to participate in the Healthy Futures Fund Readiness Program, a technical assistance program for health centers seeking to advance their innovative, co-located projects through Healthy Futures Fund (HFF) financing. Details on the participating centers and the program are included in this issue.

As always, this issue contains a federal update, links to new resources, health center highlights, and a list of our upcoming events and webinars. We hope you find this information helpful.





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