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A Quarterly Resource Bulletin from Capital Link                                                                                   Fall 2017

Message from the CEO


As we await news on Congress’s progress toward fixing the Health Center Funding Cliff, we are truly inspired by the resilience of the health center community. While a solution is still unclear, your persistence and dedication to health centers and the patients they serve continues to produce strong bi-partisan support.

Our thoughts are with all of those affected by the recent hurricanes and wildfires, including many of our health center partners. With support from HRSA, Capital Link has prepared several resources to assist health centers in obtaining FEMA funding, which are highlighted under Resources in this issue.

After major events like those experienced over the last few months, we often reflect on how we can best prepare ourselves for the future. In the article Scenario Planning: Being Proactive in a Changing Environment we provide some steps health centers can take now to be equipped to act, within an environment of uncertainty.

Also included in this issue – a federal news update, health center highlights, and a list of our upcoming trainings and webinars.

Warm Regards,
Allison Coleman, CEO



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